Thursday, September 20, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Carter has reached that age where being taken by surprise by what he says is common.   It's an endearing quality that all children have.  They have not developed that understanding about what is appropriate to say and what is not, often times just saying whatever comes to mind.  Most of the times their quips are harmless and funny.....others, depending on your location at the time, are rather embarrassing.   I know some adults who do not have this understanding and let's face it we have all had our own "open mouth, insert foot" moments.   In our household we have had a couple of those moments in the last few weeks. 

A couple weeks ago Carter was asking for Lucky Charms.  Peter was headed to the store, so he promised to pick some up for him.  Well you know how it goes when a guy goes to the store without a list and is expected to get more that three items one will inevitably not be purchased.......but that is a whole different blog post to consider.  Long story short, no Lucky Charms were brought home.  Carter noted this and Peter said that he was sorry he forgot them.

 A couple days later on my day off we were at home and Carter came up to me and asked,"Where's daddy?"

"Remember he had to go to work today?", I said.

"Daddy get Lucky Charms?",  with the intonation and facial expression of,  he better get some lucky charms.

"Oh yeah he forgot, but we will get you some." I replied completely unable to keep a straight face.

I text Peter telling him he was in trouble.  Carter had a box of Lucky Charms brought home for him that night.

Last weekend my Mom hosted a Pampered Chef show at here house.  Carter and I went up for the weekend.  While I was in the kitchen area talking to 5 ladies about Pampered Chef products Carter was playing with his Uncle Mason.  The next thing I know Carter comes walking into the kitchen completely naked holding up his diaper and proclaims, "I'm wet!"  I felt a little embarrassed but the women got a good chuckle out of it one even making the comment to my mom that she "didn't know there was going to a stripper at this party."  I laughed and said, "Yeah, he's 2."  (Which I often say to Carter when he is being a typical 2 year old.  I just look at him and say "Yeah you're 2." Sometimes it makes him stop and look at me funny other times he just agrees with me and continues with what he was doing good or bad.)   

I am not sure what it is with children around 2 or 3 years old and not wanting to keep their clothes on.  I remember my brother Mason going through this stage.  Peter says he went through it too.......between the age of 21-24.  (sigh!)   I told him he didn't know what he was talking about, because he still likes to be naked.  

He did not deny it.

No matter how mortified we get by what comes out of our children's mouths or the odd moments they decide they want to naked, I believe it is a right of passage for parents.  We have to go through this. Besides it makes for great stories for when they are graduating, getting married, having kids of their own.  But I don't want to think about that too much.  That is a long way off and I just want to enjoy these moments as they come.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple Picking

My cousin has an apple tree in her back yard and every year they have an apple picking party. The apples are similar to a granny smith, so they are awesome for baking but a little tart for eating.   This year the apple picking happened a little earlier due to the crazy weather, or lack there of,  we have had here.

My FIL Hong is visiting this week so he joined in on the action.   After showing Carter what he had to do he helped for all of about three minutes then decided he would just hold the bag open for everyone else, which led to him running off and playing with the other kids.

In the end we got 2 large bags of apples, though at the time I had no idea what we were going to do with them.   We enjoyed some beverages and chatted with the other apple pickers, then headed out for Pizza per Carter's request.  The next day I borrowed two apple peeler/corer/slicers and ended up freezing 7 bags of apples for pies or crisps.   It only took us about 2 hours from start to finish and I had Hong and Peter helping. 

Then I baked a pie.......a caramel apple crisp pie.

It was yummy.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Eco Friendly

In an effort to be Eco friendly we have changed a few things around our home.  It takes some getting used to some of the changes you can make, but in the end I think they have been worth it.

I have purchased several hard plastic reusable to go cups over the last year.  They have lids and straws making them relatively spill proof....unless your a toddler drinking out of it.  I use them daily. They have allowed me to make healthier choices and drink more water.  In the last couple months I have dropped and broken 3 of my cups and this makes me sad.

Flip Day Pack: Organic<br>2 One-Size Diaper Covers<br>6 Organic Inserts

When Carter was born we started out using  disposable diapers.  I attended a weekly moms group where several of the moms used cloth diapers.  I was intrigued It was not something I had even considered until I saw how easy they were.  So after a lot of negotiations with Peter and research into the different types of diapering systems out there we made the switch.   We have been using the Bum Genius Flip system since Carter was 4 months old.  Even with cloth there are times when you will want/need the disposable option, such as if they are sick and need an antibiotic that could cause tummy issues or when traveling.  The cool thing about the flip system is that they make disposable biodegradable inserts that cost comparably what a regular disposable would.  These have come in handy for us on more than one occasion.  While we have not taken the plunge into cloth wipes, and probably never will, the choice to cloth our wee one has been a good one.

The latest change we have made in our home is no more paper towels.  We now have a stash of cut up old t-shirts that act as our paper towels.  These are also great when I want to do a quick surface cleaning.  I throw a handful into a tub, add warm water and dish soap to soak them, and viola instant "Clorox cleaning cloths".   We keep a bin on the dryer that we put the used ones in and throw them in the wash  when its full.  This is saving us money and allowing us to do a small part to decrease our paper waste. 

We also recylce as much as we can through Recyclelink.  We can throw everything into one bin without sorting  and we earn points on the poundage we recycle for rewards.   It may not seem like much but just a few small changes can make a difference.

What does your family do that is Eco friendly?