Monday, February 13, 2012

Accident Prone

This weekend I fell down the stairs.  I'm OK.  Just a little sprain/strain/pulled muscles in my leg, I hobble around pretty well.  It will just take me a couple days to mend.  Kind of put a stop to walking on the treadmill for my diet, but I will get back on the proverbial horse when I'm better.

Those of you who know my back ground with horses may laugh now.

I am not sure when I became accident prone.  It may have been something that was passed down for generations in my family.  I learned early on that key + light socket = ouch (thank goodness the key had a rubber thing on the end) and putting your thumb into a can leads to unpleasant things.

I have been told of many broken bones, scrapes and bruises between my Dad and his siblings.  But honestly it also sounded like they enjoyed beating each other up, so it is hard to determine what was really an accident.  My Mom's side had their fair share of mishaps as well.  Most of their injuries were sports or work related, but a few were from being clumsy.   I remember at some point there being a joke that between my Grandmother, Mother and myself, I was the clumsiest out of the three of us.

I wouldn't say that all my injuries were sports related, but a fair share were. Between soccer, jumping on trampolines, and horseback riding I had a few mishaps.  (Those of you who know my back ground with horses are laughing again.)   A few black and blue spots were not surprising, sometimes I was not sure where they came from.  For the most part it was because I ran into something..... which lead to me being called "graceful".

Well if I am just accident prone or if it has been multiplied and handed down through the generations, it is just another reason to laugh at myself, because being able to laugh at yourself is important.

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